Independent Counsel

The independent counsel from Montgomery McCracken leading the After-Action Review are Nicole Phillips, Brian Remondino, and Kimberly Sachs. To learn more about these attorneys, please click on their bios below.

A. Nicole Phillips

Brian G. Remondino

Kimberly L. Sachs

About Montgomery McCracken:

Montgomery McCracken is a full-service law firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware. The firm provides corporate clients and public entities with responsive, proactive, and prudent guidance in all aspects of internal investigations that examine past conduct by the entity and individual actors and organizational policies and procedures.

About CNA:

CNA is a nonprofit research organization with a strong history of delivering objective reviews of real-world incidents to local jurisdictions and federal agencies. The team has led and supported after-action reviews of the planning and response to special events that have drawn mass protests and demonstrations across the nation.